How to have
a not-so-hot
powerbook g4

written by fabrizio venerandi
niccolò venerandi

Apple made for years computer with no fan inside, 'cause people have to think about the work, and not about the noise coming from the computer. After apple found that noise is not so bad if you have a g4 or g5 chip inside the computer.
I wrote this document to help people to have a not-so-hot powerbook. I wrote this in basic english, so not only europeans could understand, but americans too.

phase 1

First thing to do is to find a IKEA candle, like this:

Important: use the IKEA candle with no fire inside, or you can burn your finger!
Do not use IKEA candle like this:

...'cause it is very hot.
Anyway: toggle the candle and put it away, we do not really need the candle.

Ok, as you can see in the photo, I used a lighted candle, but I do not hurt myself, cause I was carefull handling it. You had to do the same.
Repeat the operation with another candle and at the end you have to rotate the little glass cup like in next photo:

Now you have to take your powerbook and put it on one cup. Warning: the rubber feet have to be placed in the cavity of the cup:

Make the same thing with the other side, like in this beautiful picture:

Ok, we have done it: now you have a real cheap way to disperse the heat coming from the powerbook! And look how it is cool!

Variation: somebody could need to have ALL the 4 rubber feet at the same height. I do not know if this is better for the heat, or bad. I have not 4 glass cup IKEA, so I made a simulation using my son's hands:

This solution seems to me cool as the first one!

phase 2

Ok, now we need a silent fan that sometimes blow away the hot air under the powerbook. Firts of all you need some candys:

After, you need a son, or something similar, like in picture:

As you can easily understand looking at the photo, you need to give a candy to the son sometimes, asking he to blow under the powerbook. Warning: remember to ask to the son to blow under the powerbook BEFORE eat the candy, else the little devil could dirty the computer with his sticky spit.

Blow, little child, blow!

Ok, I hope this tecnical note could be usefull for other powerbook users, and I hope apple uses something different for scrambled eggs in future.

fabrizio venerandi
with courtesy of niccolò venerandi

photo from a z1010 sonyericcson
made with a macintosh, obviously.